• Made a big decision today.  For weeks, the only big concerns I had were whether I’d find a place I could enjoy being at and moving 1,000 miles with Pumpkin.  When the apartment concern was addressed, it added further concern about her. Here, she’s had six rooms with window views, lots and lots of space […]

  • Okay here’s a big disclaimer. I do NOT treat fear lightly. Nor do I treat the process we often need to go through related to overcoming fear, as if it were easy.  It’s not.  It really is a  bitch.  Believe me. As you read this article, you will see that’s been true for me. At […]

  • Okay so a short while ago, a female friend on Twitter asked if the proper spelling for a common saying was “woohoo” or “woo hoo”.  A debate ensued.  Then a guy said “I prefer to say “hoo ha”.  At that point, I jumped in to inform her that she should not use the phrase, that […]

  • For many years, the tiger wandered the earth, from jungle to jungle, desert lowland to mountain vista, roaming wherever his powerful tiger instinct led him.  All along the way, the tiger wondered – is this my new home?  Is this where I am to settle down, to raise my young? Eventually, however, after many long, […]

  • Photography 27.06.2010 1 Comment

    It’s been many years since I owned an SLR camera – in fact, it’s been at least 28 years…  So when I went to buy a camera a couple years ago and didn’t, at that point, have the cash-flow to buy a full on DSLR, I was happy to get a Canon Powershot S3 IS […]

  • Photography 27.06.2010 1 Comment

    Went up to Sonoma county today – into the heart of wine country, with my friend Tania.  It was a blistering 94-96 degrees in the sun, but well worth the drive.  Wine country this time of year is simply gorgeous, with the vineyards in full swing. And since lavender is my favorite color, and the […]

  • It’s really sad how so many people on both sides of the health care debate refuse to discuss the issues in an intelligent, truthful manner.  It’s worse that these same people refuse to listen to the truth when it’s staring them in the face, and instead, resort to cave-man like mentality and behavior in order […]

  • I’m not a firefighter, nor did I work in the World Trade Center. None of my immediate family members perished that day. Yet my ties to the firefighter family, and to my own friends who worked at and immediately around ground zero, as well as my own personal experience being at the WTC complex the […]

  • Humor 09.05.2009 1 Comment

    When most people talk about problems with privacy due to the Google Maps system where Google contracted cars drive up and down roads snapping photos, they talk about being seen in places they don’t want to be seen (like walking out of their secret lover’s condo).  Well, those people may just need to be thankful […]

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  • Today was the 22nd annual May Madness Classic Car Show in downtown San Rafael.  I enjoy seeing the classic muscle cars of my youth from time to time, but it’s not something I care so much about that I had paid any attention to the date of the event.  I was, however, in the downtown […]

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