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    I’m a recovering addict (clean date October 27th, 2004) who has, by God’s grace, been able to transform my life from someone sleeping on people’s couches to a “reasonably” productive member of society.

    Having grown up on Long Island, my life has been one adventure after another.  During my early years, it was mostly more like stumbling from one “unanticipated” adventure to another.  Then, it got crazy, and it was more like jumping from one frying pan into another.

    Eventually I found my way, and began truly living life, and pursuing happiness through effort and being of service to others.

    This personal blog is about that experience.

    Hopefully, if just one person reading my diatribes finds a glimmer of hope in their own lives, putting it all out there for you, my readers, will have been well worth the risk of potential ridicule that comes when someone openly talks about the failures and the successes that come along the way…








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